BATHCO - Spain:

Bathco have been designing, manufacturing and distributing a wide range of bathroom products for more than 38 years. They are developint innovative materials which allows the manufacturing of a high-end sanitary ware that will be waterproof, resistant, lightweight, with a natural finish and completely developed in Cantabria.

AZZURRA - Italy:

AZZURRA – Italy Established in 1985, AZZURRA has proven to be a solid manufacturer. They are an innovative company, keeping up with current trends. They have a wide variety of products ranging from classic to modern by prestigious designers. AZZURRA has received many major international awards. They are also part of the WATER SAVING PROJECT, creating bathroom ware that flushes with only 3 liters of water!

Sanitana - Portugal:

SANITANA is a company located in Anadia, Portugal. It produces and commercializes sanitary ware and bath related products. It was founded in 1979, having been the first Portuguese ceramics company dedicated exclusively to the fabrication of sanitary ware. Nowadays SANITANA commercializes the following products: sanitary ware series, wash basins, bath furniture, urinals, taps, simple and hydro massage bathtubs, hydro massage columns and cabins, shower enclosures, shower trays and kitchen sinks.


GALATEA - Germany:

GALATEA started in 1880. They are steeped in tradition, history and expertise! Their bathtubs and shower bases are made out of acrylic, which provide for excellent heating and sound absorption. This type of quality makes for easy cleaning and maintenance. They offer a 5 yr. guarantee on bathtubs and shower bases. And with abundant styles to choose from, you will surely find what suits your lifestyle!



VISOBATH is a company located in the South of the province of Córdoba, specializing in the manufacture and marketing of the bathroom Cabinet, which was created with the aim of achieving a preferential position in this market. Since its recent establishment in 2012, diverse collections have been launched, achieving a great success in different markets. Visobath adapts to new times and new ways to provide solutions for those who want quality at a lower price.

IBB - Italy:

Established in 1974, this family company produces beautiful bathroom, kitchen and home decorative accessories. The company is committed to continuously improving its standards and quality of products using the most advanced technologies, machinery and skilled technical staff. They provide a unique level of design and specialize in surface treatments which stand the test of time!

DROP & SFERA - Italy:

DROP has been around since 1989 producing bathroom products that are innovative with sophisticated and modern designs. Their laboratory creates products that take materials, technology and the production process all into account to supply customers with beautifully designed and functional products that are highly developed in the newest of technology. You will love the thermostatic tap and self-cleaning hydro massage jets!



With over 50 years in the making of history, Fratelli Frattini, symbolizes tradition and innovation in their faucets. They use the finest materials that will last you a lifetime! They take all preliminary steps needed to produce these timeless faucets….from conception to completion. They are continually testing with the latest technologies to ensure you get the best in every aspect. They are 100% made in Italy and will stand the test of time in beauty, style and quality!



Founded in 1969, ATLAS CONCORDE, is one of the most important ceramic companies in the world! Its purpose is to provide interior designers, architects and discerning customers with ceramic tiles that are aesthetically pleasing and technically viable in strength and innovation. The raw materials used are carefully selected and manufactured in Italy with true Italian expertise and know-how! ATLAS CONCORDE is a reliable, trustworthy company who are not only dedicated to their customer, but also to their highly qualified staff.

NEWKER - Spain:

Newker Ceramics was created with a clear vocation for customer service. They are a young, dynamic company with the capacity to adapt to our customers’ needs.


CASTELVETRO has been producing a wide range of indoor/outdoor tiles since 1971. Their main focus is on beauty, design and quality. They are an environmentally friendly company, using a highly eco-compatible productive system. This is a project that recovers water and energy in a ceramic drying system, which won the ENEA award for sustainable development in 1999! Take a look through their catalogue and the choice of tiles are endless!

MOSAVIT - Spain:

Established in 2002, MOSAVIT, focused in on developing innovative glass mosaics in Spain. They have come up with an array of beautiful designs, colors and techniques which add to the versatility in which these mosaics can be used……from indoors to outdoors, trendy to traditional and used in any room imaginable! They instantly add a unique touch and truly make a hallmark statement!!

They are constantly developing new ideas and techniques. Take a look at FOSVIT, a luminescent tile, which will astound you how it soaks in the light and retains it throughout the night, thus giving a beautiful glow long after the sun has set! What a great way to illuminate your pool or bathroom. Their innovations are endless.


Founded in 1995, AB manufactures a big variety of tiles at affordable prices. From floor to wall tiles, used inside to outside. What a range to see!


Since 1994, DUALGRES decided to specialize in offering the best service possible to all of their clients, and this philosophy continues to be their daily goal. Today they produce a wide range of single-fired high quality ceramic floor and wall tiles in popular sizes. Their facilities have the most modern technologies of ceramic digital printing and automated classification and packaging. They are a strong exporting company and distribute their products in over 20 countries, and Kuwait being one of them, through Nasser Abdulaziz Al-Rumaih Company.

LIBERO - India:

Libero Export House is one of Leading Manufacturers in Domestic & Export Ceramic Product. The company is driving its exports growth constantly and expanding its reach to different territories across the continents. With traditional focus on the entire world as strategic growth markets, Regency is looking forward to enter into new geographical areas to increase its exports.

Aleluia Cerâmicas - Portugal:

The origins of Aleluia Cerâmicas date back to 1905 when it was founded by the Aleluia family. Nowadays, after more than one hundred years of activity, Aleluia Cerâmicas is a technologically advanced company, dedicated exclusively to the production and decoration of wall and floor ceramic tiles, being a world reference in ceramics tiles. Aleluia Cerâmicas is present in the five continents, in more than 60 countries around the globe with a network of more than 100 distributors and 700 retailers and with around 4500 sales points exporting more than 70% of its production.


GOMAN - Italy:

Established in 1960 by Renato Goglione. Goman has always been attentive to those who have mobility difficulties. With their constant ethical research and development, they make it easier for those with Special Needs to obtain daily ease and comfort, with stylish and functional pieces we have all come to enjoy in our bathroom facilities. The company produces bathroom safety products and accessories, disability aids, handles, grab bars, support rails, walk-in baths, products for community centers and articles and bathroom fixtures for the elderly and handicapped. All 100% MADE IN ITALY!